Natalie & Tina's Favorite Chocolate Sauce
By Minnie MacMaster
(Tina is Natalie's sister-in-law)

2 cups    Whipping cream   (the 500 ml size)
1/2 cup   Brown sugar
1/2 cup   White sugar
8 oz.        Semi-sweet chocolate squares
1/2 cup    Butter  (can also use margarine)

In a medium size cooking pot, add the whipping cream, the brown sugar and the white sugar.   Boil for about five minutes, stiring constantly.  Then add your chocolate squares, stiring carefully till all the chocolate melts and blends in.  Add the butter and stir till smooth.

This makes the best hot chocolate sauce for ice cream.   It can be used with puddings and other things that you enjoy serving with chocolate sauce.  It makes a large supply and can be put in a covered jar and kept in the fridge and used as needed.

 Hope you enjoy.