Natalie MacMaster Mac Morin

Mac Morin (Piano)
Nathaniel Smith (Cello)
Shane Hendrickson (bass)
Eric Breton (Drums, Percussion)
Nate Douglas (Guitar, Vocals)


Instruments:  Pipes, Whistles, Banjo

Photo: Ryan MacDonald PhotographyMatt was born in Cape Breton and started playing whistle and pipes when he was 10, having been lucky enough to be surrounded by a strong tradition of piping in his family.

At 18 he won the Argyllshire Gathering Silver Medal in Oban, Scotland, and at 19 started recording, playing and touring the US with Cuillin - a celtic rock / fusion group.

At 21, after the group went their separate ways, Matt joined Natalie MacMaster's band and played with her for the better part of 8 years, on pipes, whistles, banjo, percussion and guitar. He appears on several of her recordings including Blueprint, Yours Truly and Cape Breton Girl.

When he was 25 he recorded and released the critically acclaimed "Piping Album", a stripped-bare solo recording of his main instrument. In 2009 Matt joined the Canadian Forces as a musician, and will complete his contract in Spring 2013, when he will again rejoin Natalie's band.

He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with his lovely wife Kate.


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